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About Nabil Al-Ghadamsi

Prime Ministerial Candidate, Libya

Vice President of the Executive Committee

The Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities

Nabil Al-Ghadamsi

Nabil Al-Ghadamsi is a Libyan national who has lived most of his life in Tripoli where he is Married with four children. He is fluent in many languages and qualified in accountancy, business, law, IT, security and safety. A self-made entrepreneur, he has developed a wide range of international businesses including in education, security, tourism, food & drink, transport and shipping.

In addition he has worked internationally to develop businesses and strategies in areas such as land and maritime systems security, planning and construction, hospitals and health, trading, vehicles and power generation. His business interests have enabled him to develop a multinational network in countries and with businesses at the highest level including in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

These activities have resulted in him developing considerable insight into, and a unique understanding of, local and international politics to guide a growing network of people in the creation of much-needed national strategies necessary for the rebirth of a free, prosperous and peaceful Libya. Some of these have been employed extensively over the last year or so when he led much-needed negotiations to bring the Tribes together for the good of Libya’s future. Working tirelessly as part of the revolution since 17 February 2011, he has now begun opening up discussions externally with the UN and the EU.